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Effective November 10, 2017



Myers Real Estate places your privacy as a top priority. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) outlines what personal information may be collected by Myers Real Estate (“Myers”), with whom it may be shared, the process in which the information is obtained and the use and disclosure of said information to third parties.

Whether you are a returning customer or new to (“Site”), the Policy outlines how Myers protects your privacy and how all information is treated once collected.

Myers may obtain information through the Site and any other platform where the Policy is posted as well as through the Myers mobile or desktop application (“Application”).

If you do not agree with any aspect of the Policy, please refrain from using the Site.

Myers reserves the right to alter, amend and/or change any aspect of the Policy by posting a notice to the Site.


Collection of Personal Information

Myers collects information to improve our process, to continue high standards and to ensure the best service possible is provided to current and potential clients.

Information is only gathered once you voluntarily submit said information.

The information is collected and used in the following manner:

  • Quickly respond to and to address requests for service
  • Monitor responses when users visiting the site submit information
  • Process any requests users have for more information or to ensure delivery of sign ups for newsletters, emails and communications
  • Educate users on Myers products and services
  • Ensure delivery concerning any contests, promotions and/or specials listed, to which users can sign up
  • The immediate response to any problem and have the ability to resolve the issue via customer contact
  • Quick and effective service requests can be processed
  • To provide a better overall user experience for visitors to the Site
  • Target promotional and advertisements towards users to the Site
  • Inform new and potential clients about services and products with which they may be not informed
  • Respond to any requests for information related to a specific event, incident, inquiry or other correspondence
  • Study the traffic patterns and results of campaigns to improve services and outreach to customers

Myers may also gather and use information for business purposes related to the business practices and related entities outlined in the Policy or any other agreement made with Myers.


Rental and Property Management

Visitors to the Site may put personal information into the Rental and Property Management (“Rental”) section of the Site through a rental application(s).

Potential tenants who fill out a rental application are required to list their full name, address, contact information, social security number and date of birth.

Once the rental application is completed, the document is scanned and stored on Myers’ secure server. No outside companies, affiliates or people have access to the information stored on the server.

Access to the server is restricted to only select Myers’ employees and can only be accessed through logging in to the property management software.

The software is completely encrypted to ensure added security.

No credit card numbers are viewable in their entirety, as the software only allows the last four digits of the card to be shown to Myers.


Changing and Removing Your Personal Data

If you have created a profile, signed up to receive information about products or services or submitted information related to Myers, all collected data is stored and kept secure on Myers’ server.

Any changes to your personal information can be done through the Site, through the Application or by contacting Myers’ concerning the updates, where applicable.

In the event you would like your personal data removed or deleted from the Myers’ database, files, servers and/or any forms related to the process by which you voluntarily provided information, users can send a written request to Myers at the listed address below.


Third Party Security

Myers has implemented professional and reasonable security practices and guidelines to ensure all of you information is kept in a secure manner.

Myers is in no way accountable or liable for any third-party actions that go beyond the Policy or that are outside of the legal scope of actions in order to access your data.

Since there is no 100% guarantee that no third-party hacking or other outside interference will compromise your data, Myers does not guarantee that all of your personal information will stay secure.

Further, when you willingly provide your personal information, you unconditionally release Myers and all associated entities from all and any liabilities concerning damage, loss and/or injuries associated with your personal data becoming compromised.


Contact Myers Real Estate

For any questions, comments or concerns about the Policy, regarding the process of how data is collected, stored, used, or inquires about dissemination practices and protocol, please contact Myers:


Via email:


Via direct mail:

Myers Real Estate

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