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Searching for professional condo or HOA management can be overwhelming. Let Myers Real Estate handle all of your community’s needs from property maintenance to collecting dues, budgeting and more.

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Association Management Services

Assets Management

Property Management

Property Management means protecting the value of every home in your community. We offer expert project management that allows your community to efficiently execute projects to keep your community on track. Myers will become a true resource for your community by assessing your current needs to create a long term game plan that will ensure the aesthetic and financial vibrancy of your community.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Financial Services are another tool used to keep your property on track. Our excellent collection practices get funds collected when they are due. Our collection process gets results. Take comfort in knowing that our financial services are done in-house to get your community financially prepared for whatever comes next.
Administrative Services

Administrative Services

Administrative service is a specialty of ours, since we have staff available at all times to answer the questions of your residents. Transparency and open, candid communication are key elements in our daily function as Association Managers. Prompt answers are not just a courtesy, but an expectation. Add / change last sentence: respond promptly, promptly answer and respond to inquiries, emergency service for after hours.



Step 1

Request a Proposal

Complete out the Management Proposal Request form to get started with a partnership with Myers Real Estate and your Association. A property manager will contact you to follow up.

Step 2

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a time for the Myers Real Estate team to visit your location to assess your current situation. During this meeting we’ll be able to explain how we will manage your community.

Step 3

Execute the Management Agreement

Once we’ve discovered your association needs, we’ll develop a plan of action, processes, and expectations. A management agreement will be drawn up and you’ll then be a fully supported partner of Myers Real Estate.

Step 4

We'll Take It From Here

No need to worry, Myers Real Estate will handle everything from maintenance to association dues collection. We take care of tenant concerns and association meetings as well. Myers will keep an open and steady line of communication with the residents and organization on accounting, budgeting, meetings and other general needs.

Andy Myers made purchasing our dream home easy. He went above and beyond to make this transaction smooth! We highly recommend Myers Real Estate!

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Kristina R.

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I highly recommend Andy Myers and his staff at Myers Real Estate. Andy has been very helpful over the years with my real estate needs from helping me buy my first home, to now managing my rental property and eliminating the hassles of being a landlord.

five stars

Rick T.

Having worked with Myers Real Estate in the past they are a truly professional organization. Whether you are looking for your own place or if you have a property to be managed, Myers can assist you for all your real estate needs!

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Justin B.

Looking to Switch Condo or HOA Management?

As your HOA Manager, we work directly and communicate effectively with your community’s board of directors. We provide guidance in areas involving maintenance, insurance, legal, finance, and governance but ultimately our job comes down to executing the directives of the board. Reduce stress and leave your HOA Management to us. Let us provide the daily oversight required to successfully manage your community.
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What is the difference between a volunteer HOA and HOA management

HOA stands for Homeowners’ Association. A Homeowners’ Association consists of an elected board of directors who are homeowners in the community for which they oversee and manage. The role of an HOA in your neighborhood is guided by the association governing documents and state laws. Homeowners Associations are primarily tasked with maintaining the common elements and finances of the association. Since the HOA is a group of volunteers, they often can not devote the time needed to manage the day-to-day operations of their association, so many HOAs employ professional HOA management companies, like Myers Real Estate, to provide these services and report to the board. With HOA management, the board can take a step back from the day-to-day management and be the governing force behind the community. The HOA management company handles the administration, communication, accounting, and coordination for maintenance.

benefits of HOA

Included benefits of using an HOA management company

Seeking help from an HOA management company will provide daily oversight of the community Homeowners’ Association. A trusted HOA management company, like Myers Real Estate, will provide your board with a turn-key management solution.

An HOA management company provides administrative, site management, and accounting services. The administrative duties include scheduling and attending HOA board meetings, enforcing the rules and policies of the community. Your HOA management company can also be the primary point of contact for homeowners. Site management consists of maintaining the grounds of the community, which includes landscaping, inspecting, cleaning, and caring for all common elements. An HOA management company’s accounting services include the collection of dues, managing delinquent accounts, and balancing the community finances with the budget established by the board of directors.

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A responsible HOA management company enforces the policies and rules of the association

The HOA management company upholds the standards of the community by maintaining the grounds and amenities. Your community will stand out and more new homeowners will be attracted to the community.

When the management company enforces the rules and regulations of the association the value of the community is enhanced. To keep your community thriving, connect with an HOA management company like Myers Real Estate.

We follow and enforce your specific governing documents and rules & regulations established by the board of directors. All things considered, HOA management companies have your community’s best interests in mind. They are designed to ensure homeowners abide by rules and regulations, keep the community looking attractive, and create an enjoyable living experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does employing an HOA management company affect property values in the community?

Yes, having an association management company properly maintain the community amenities and grounds will help enhance property values. Additionally, the association manager upholding the community architectural standards will enhance the appreciation of property values.

How is Condominium HOA management involved with handling irresponsible homeowners?

Part of the job of an HOA manager is handling nonresponsive and irresponsible homeowners. The association manager helps the board develop a process for dealing with rule violations and delinquencies.

In general, delinquent homeowners are monitored by the board of directors. Once a decision is made by the board to move forward with a lien or foreclosure of the property, then the association manager provides documentation to the attorney, retained by the association to move forward with legal action.

How do HOA management fees work?

Management fees are variable. The fees are based on what responsibility the board of directors wants us to carry out and how much time those specific tasks take.