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I’ve been renting through Myers for over a year now and it has been such a pleasant experience. Any and all maintenance requests are handled in a very timely manner, they are understanding and patient with their tenants, and the customer service is outstanding. Especially Traci! She is always willing to work with us. I’ve had a couple of situations in which roommates who are on the lease have had to move out and Traci is friendly and efficient in helping us with those processes. Myers is a professional, courteous and friendly group of people and I would always recommend them to anyone. As a young single woman on her own, I appreciate how accommodating Myers has been with making sure my roommates and I are safe and comfortable in our house. This is a top notch company and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to rent or buy.
Meredith R.Tenant
Very professional, personable, and kind staff. High quality properties at reasonable rates. Useful online payment options. Quite responsive to maintenance issues.
Tim T.Tenant
Our family has used Myers Real Estate for management of a rental home. The management included both property and tenant management. Our overall experience was very positive, if there was a problem with anything on the property Myers provided us with estimates and lists of general contractors to get them fixed. With the help of Myers Real Estate several major improvements was made to the property and improved the overall rentability of the property. Maintenance was always first class. I never had a struggle with trying to get it rented or with things being fixed. I would highly recommend them for property management. They always provided us with a detailed monthly cost sheet and also provided us with tenant information about back costs and rent not being paid. Lastly when we chose to sell the property their real estate broker helped us acquire and sell the home. I would recommend them for all of their services.
Eric S.Property Owner/Client
I have lived in a 1 bedroom rental property in Grandview from Myers for about 7 years now, and have really enjoyed it. I have only had a few issues over the course of my time here, and each one was addressed very quickly, and any time there was an issue or question, the staff was very polite and responsive about the situation. The location of this property is also very convenient and withing walking distance of almost anything that is needed, and the location is well kept overall. I had to move due to re-location for work, but would certainly recommend the location to anyone interested.
William W.Tenant
We currently live in California and rent the house we left in Columbus OH. When the last tenant moved out in August of 2013 we struggled for 3 months to get my house rented. Finally I listened to my wife (men please take my advice and listen to your wives!) and decided to list the property with a real-estate broker. My wife came across Myers Realty while searching the Internet and thank God she did! From our first contact to our very last communication with this company we were very impressed!

I’m not one to throw around compliments and I certainly don’t provide feedback on websites. Myers had two significant challenges right out the gate when it came to finding renters for my house. The first and most significant challenge was the rent payment itself. Home values dropped significantly in the area where my house is located but my mortgage payment didn’t drop a dime! With that being the case I needed to find renters willing and financially able to pay a higher rent than the norm for the area. The second challenge was the fact that winter was just beginning. Columbus had just got hit with 5 inches of snow and if no snow had fallen at all it’s generally harder to find renters in the winter time.

Long story short Myers found us great tenants within 2 weeks of signing the agreement. Some may call that “LUCK” but I would argue if luck played a part I would have rented the house 3 months earlier on my own!?! These folks know what they are doing and they shared my sense of urgency to get my house rented. Both the office staff (especially Traci) and the property manager was friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and above all patient with us throughout the entire process. I will not hesitate to use their services in the future and I STRONGLY recommend them to anyone with any real-estate needs!

Thanks again Myers team keep doing what you are doing, it works!

Mitchell N.Property Owner/Client
Having worked with Myers Real Estate in the past they are a truly professional organization. Whether you are looking for your own place or if you have a property to be managed, Myers can assist you for all your real estate needs!
Justin B.Business Professional

I rented a 1 BR/BA from Myer’s Real Estate from February 2011-July 2012. I read some rather negative reviews of the agency before moving, but I was anxious to live in Grandview, and they had the perfect property for me.

Throughout my experience with Myer’s, I have to say that I was quite impressed with them in almost every aspect. The rent was very fair for the area and size of the apartment, and the pre-rental procedure, while as arduous as with any agent, was handled very courteously and professionally.

While in the apartment, there were some mechanical problems that occurred, mostly due to the age of the property. The water heater broke down, the disposal had to be reset and there was a leak in my kitchen sink plumbing. All three issues were both significant AND taken care of within 24 hours of my reporting the issues on their website. The water heater repair in particular was reported at 8pm and was fixed before I got home from work the next day at 5pm.

Some other reviews had mentioned impolite staff members in the office or on their maintenance team, but I had no such interaction with any such employees; they have all been ultra professional and very polite and nice.

This is a great organization that I trust and look forward to renting with them in the future.

Chris K.Tenant

We enjoyed living here and appreciate the property managed by a great company. Thank you for letting us call this place home the last two years!

Tenika B.Tenant

Thank you for doing a great job with the new management of our property, you are doing a great job so far. Also I wanted to let you know that George, your plumber, did a fantastic job installing my new fixtures

Lynn V.Tenant

I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the kindness and helpfulness you have provided to me over the past 3 years. I have nothing but great things to say about your company and will continue to send referrals your way.

Kristen S.Tenant

 I stopped by the office today to fix a minor but stressful issue in regards to entering my building. The problem was fixed very quickly and each staff member involved was extremely helpful and kind. Thank you so much for your help and kindness!

Racheal K.Tenant

I just wanted to thank you and your team for being so quick to fix the plumbing issue in my apartment. I’ve always spoke highly of Myers Real Estate to friends interested in renting in the Grandview area. Keep up the great work.

Meagan C.Tenant
Very Professional & Talented Company. Every employee goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible service. We have been clients with Myers Real Estate for many years and are 100% pleased and satisfied.
Linda and Denny S.Investment Property Owner